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  1. SocalEuro Sightings
  2. New Forum Category for Sightings
  3. woot i get to pop the virgin bubble!!!
  4. White M3
  5. Yellow Gallardo Spyder on Poway Road
  6. WHITEish lookin 2.0t wagon...
  7. Silver R32
  8. Silver B6 A4 Avant lowered on some wheels 15N
  9. G60Racer spotted - Clairemont Mesa
  10. GREY audi or passat wagon??
  11. blue .:R32
  12. Black Turbo'ed Jetta - 3/10 - Moreno valley
  13. Black B6 Audi A4 3/10/07 Laguna Niguel 4:00p.m.
  14. Red E36 M3 on MiraMesa Blvd @ 7:00pm Sunday night
  15. MKV Jetta in Otay Ranch Shopping Center
  16. Silverstone MKIV GTI in Mira Mesa
  17. wiiide body silver GTI on linden st. (830pm)
  18. Audi A4 wednesday night around 7 in Chula Vista (Sunbow)
  19. Silver A4 on Black Mountain Rd
  20. Blue Passat on SR56 West at I5
  21. Red MK2 Jetta 17th street Santa Ana
  22. black jetta on alessandro blvd. 945am
  23. black jetta on chrome university ave lol..
  24. red abd gti....RCC 3pm
  25. white MKV gti plate: GTIADCT
  26. Several sweet cars: Audi RS6, RR Phantom, Aston Martin DB9
  27. Cutie in Black STi on Harbor @ 5:00pm
  28. BMW prototypes in Irvine?
  29. BMP MKV GTI turning into Santa Anita Mall 3-16
  30. black MKIV Jetta in PB at IHOP today 3/18
  31. 3/18 - Yellow Ford GT @ Victoria Gardens
  32. I saw Rob in his Pimped out Black Oettinger A4 in PB on Sat.
  33. Black de-baged B6 Avant on LM's at IHOP in Scripps Powy on Sunday morning.
  34. Black Passat w/ Badgeless grill and wheels
  35. Blue R32 in Mira Mesa - doppleganger for g60racer
  36. White R33 Nissan Skyline in Irvine
  37. Black MK5 GTI on Otay Lakes Rd, @ 7.38am
  38. IY 20TH!! 9ish am 215n
  39. Audi S8 in Irvine!
  40. Nasty wings west golf in lake forest.
  41. MK3 golf on Oso pkwy at about 7:15 3/20/07
  42. SILVER ///M3 60west.....530ish
  43. BMW E38 ac schnitzer at IVC 10:30ish
  44. newbeetle(silver)...8am...J.North highschool
  45. Black Getta boser hood at Capo VW
  46. getta sighting
  47. jetta with MB wheels in otay ranch
  48. Red GLI[?] on Valley Rd & Sweetwater @ 12.40ish
  49. silver gti - 345pm - university ave
  50. IY 20TH-310pm-IOWA AVE.
  51. Black Debadged Jetta w/ Exhaust......
  52. b7 S4 in Temecula
  53. silver jti-rcc-115pm
  54. Red GTI in Mission Viejo around 5:00 p.m. today
  55. NB at IVC around 7pm 3-26
  56. E36 M3 - Rancho Cucamonga - Foothill - 3/26
  57. Blue R32 Pacific Beach 2pm-ish
  58. chromeD out mkV 2pm-RCC
  59. Green JETTA mkIV - Riverside - 14th Street - 3/28
  60. Aston Martin Vantage at the 5/805 split S/B on 805 9:00am
  61. Red MKV GTI in San Clemente at around 11:30 or so
  62. White Jetta GLI 16v- 32nd st- 3pm
  63. SILVER M5...ontario mills...115pm
  64. BMP 20th on 26th street in newport
  65. saw a white jetta gli
  66. yellow m5
  67. Prototype '08 M5?
  68. Spotted warren (bumpin1ohm)
  69. 2 sightings in Rancho Penasquitos this morning
  70. Black MK2 Jetta in Santa Ana
  71. white smoked out audi TT 345...iowa ave.
  72. Vorsteiner M5 on Manchester this past Sunday.
  73. bright yellow a4
  74. White e39 M5- AC Shnitzer Pkg, Blacked out Schnitzer wheels & full Brembos
  75. Saw the same Reflex Silver GTI (big Eurosport decal) in Irvine
  76. Blue R32 in Mission Viejo tonight
  77. Black Getta in MV
  78. white or silver e30 m3 in riverside
  79. Black MKIV GTI VR6 in Lake Forest
  80. A5 spotted on 405 S **warning: crappy cell phone pic inside**
  81. Red Jetta at Burbank Fry's Electronics
  82. silver gti 215s 1130am
  83. Black MK3 GTI on Lake Forest around 12:15 today
  84. Yellow RS4 (?) on Winchester in French Valley
  85. Blue E39 M5 on Oso pkwy
  86. Blue/Purple Mk2 (w/ pic)
  87. Evolve Volvo S60R on 5 north from OC to LA (pics) around 2:30p.m.?
  88. Grey B6 Audi A4 at Irvine Spectrum tonight around 9:30
  89. Black super charged r32 stopping by on 26th street
  90. New M5 passed me going at least 150mph on 15N last night
  91. Black MK4 Jetta
  92. Silver M5, Thursday, 3pm 8W to 5S
  93. Black GTI on Black wheels and Kamei grille Miramar college 4/9/07
  94. Somewhat faded red Scirocco in Hemet.
  95. Silver Mark IV Golf/GTI w/ a FMIC + Turbo. Hemet, Cali.
  96. 530i on I-15
  97. Custom yellow 1.8(R23kit) axis wheels on5S
  98. black LAMBO in PB 3-31-2007
  99. E36 M3, black 4-door "S52OVRU" 2:30pm
  100. United Grey MKIV on Harbor Blvd
  101. SLAMMED! 325i coupe 60w 6PM!!!!
  102. An array of nice cars yesterday!
  103. Blue Widebody E36 M3 on Santiago Canyon Rd. in Orange
  104. Saw Streamline's previous car(black mk4 gti) in Lake Forest today
  105. Black Porsche GT3 and Black PhaetonToday
  106. Silver MK4 GTi VR6 w/mid hatch wing- LN
  107. United Grey MK5 on Torrey Pines Rd, 1:30ish
  108. Debadged White Audi S4 /w RS4 wide body kit Hollywood
  109. R32 w/powdercoated Rials in Downtown SD
  110. Socaleuro Sightings
  111. Yellow Porsche on 5-S Burbank
  112. Saw rob 4/16/07
  113. Mark five GTI getting on 10E, 12am
  114. black MK4 retta on jeffery at 1030 ish
  115. White Mkv Gti 805 South
  116. Oceanside dubbers?
  117. Saw Sensinitas in Costa Mesa today at 11:19 a.m. :)
  118. Blue BORA WGN w/White OZ's @ Ocean Ranch
  119. Hot chick in a white jetta!
  120. PG GLI 06w....830pm
  121. Yellow S4 5N-56E 5:30ish
  122. YELLOW S4...60e/15s...120PM
  123. Slvr B5 A4 ON MY STREET! 4:30pm
  124. ReddVdub
  125. Black Jetta on Camino Del Norte, North County SD
  126. R8 And RS4 in West Hollywood
  127. Oceanside: Finally! BMP .:R @ Barnes&Noble 4pm
  128. Widebody M3 continued...
  129. Silver Gti in the 'In N out drive thru
  130. silver jetta tried to race me
  131. LOCKNLOAD plates???
  132. Sick White MKV GTI in Costa Mesa
  133. Red Jti in Las Flores/Rsm (pics)
  134. Silver & Blue Veyron
  135. SILVER GTI 1230pm...60E
  136. Stage 3 Nogaro Blue B5 S4 in PQ
  137. Teal Blue M3 in Carmel Valley
  138. Silver e46 M3 on the 15S Fri. 4/27
  139. 1988(i think) BMW 635csi on 5 South in Irvine (pic)
  140. Enzo + SLR McLaren @ Irvine Spectrum (PICS!)
  141. R8 Spotting...PIX
  142. Vision Motorsports Boxter(erra)!
  143. Spotted Jason (Nefarious) in his Touareg 04/30/07
  144. dirty black r32
  145. IY 20th at coachella on Sunday
  146. 11am...university avenue silver gti!!!
  147. any way to not have these posts appear at the front?
  148. Black S/C'd R32 and red R32 in Oceanside
  149. 5 South Lon in the M5 on 5/2
  150. Silverstone MK4 GTI on 5 south(Irvine) at 8:20 a.m.
  151. Niiiiice Aviator Grey Audi TT @ Quail Hill (Irvine)
  152. mkV ABD Jetta & E46 m3(Riverside) aftenoon
  153. white gti @ lowes/starbucks 9:45ish
  154. SILVER PORCHSE CAYENNE!!..445pm..215n
  155. GTI + Audi on 241 and R32 in HB
  156. Black Mk3 GTI 14 fwy
  157. e30 .vs. a silver audi TT....canyon crest DR. 330pm
  158. blue r32(x2)...and crazy looking mk4..oh yea and a LAMBO!!
  159. Black R32 in Hollywood
  160. caravan
  161. Spotted Oc-Drop
  162. Bugatti
  163. Black DB9 on 56W to 5N
  164. PG Jetta (possibly GLI) in riverside
  165. Alert Alert..mk4 Down!!!!
  166. 5/12 Huntington Beach - Blue R32/Black 1.8t
  167. Black E36 M3 with socaleuro sticker parked at Symitar (balboa ave)
  168. Black MKIV Jetta on 19" Staggered Super Mesh's
  169. Silver S4-Naval Station 32nd st-11am
  170. remember John (jdub)
  171. Plat Grey GLI
  172. MKII GTI, 76WB @ 2:15ish SCE Sticker on Hatch Glass
  173. helped a fellow dub pulled over on the 15 near scripps
  174. Not a cool dubber...
  175. GTI sighting in California Coast Credit Union, Kearny Mesa
  176. Black S4 Avant sighting in PB, SD
  177. Black GTI Mira Mesa Blvd
  178. silver mkII golf
  179. Alpina 7-Series two days ago in Irvine (pic)
  180. Turbo or SC E46 M3 in Newport/Lido two days ago (pics)
  181. Silver B5 RS4 on 73?
  182. Very modded E46 330i(i think) in Newport yesterday
  183. Silver Mk4 GTI 1.8T on Clairmont Mesa
  184. noticed a uni-black gti next to me tonight
  185. IY 20th..91w..220pm
  186. Spotted Reiser in Black Mountain
  187. saw warren (bumpin1ohm) 2day!
  188. spotted my car on a tow truck(pic)
  189. Black Jetta GLi 405N
  190. Imola yellow 20th on 805s 5/29
  191. Gray MKV lowered on 56
  192. Silver B5 Wagon
  193. spotted a turbo 2002(pics)
  194. Rawr 32
  195. Red MKV GTI Lowered
  196. 123qtro
  197. MKV Black Magic Pearl GTI on J Street.
  198. OMGHI2U girl in the debadged slammed...
  199. spotted a bmw turbo 2002
  200. red jetta glx at 32nd st
  201. spotted xoutofstepx
  202. E39 5-series THERED5
  203. blue r32 on barnette ave point loma
  204. saw mel (wickedgolf) this morning
  205. Authentic B5 RS4
  206. yellow A4 in chula vista
  207. Sweet aircooled dubs(karmann ghia & beetle) on 405 S in HB
  208. new M3 (pic)
  209. 2 MKV GTI's
  210. @ bbq on sunday
  211. Ken Block from DC's Matte Black CLS
  212. Black mkIV GTi: Riverside @ 3pm
  213. Black B5 S4 with silver OZ SL's in Del Mar
  214. bmw 3 series in lucadia/carlsbad
  215. m6
  216. Fake M3 sighting, And GTI Mk1 sighting
  217. euro-mess
  218. Yellow 20th ae GTI on 5 North and red MK4 GTI/GOLF on Olympic Parkway
  219. wickedgolf, mk5 , 20th gti,
  220. Mkv Gti
  221. Saw an mk1 or 2 in east lake
  222. M5, MkIV R32 & GTI around 1pm near Washington/ PCH
  223. Audi Avant in North County
  224. SLAMMED White MKV in HB
  225. spotted cmanns05
  226. Sick Fahrenheit GTI
  227. Red GTi with black rubs on the 163
  228. Platinum Gray GLI! (like 13 people *click*)
  229. spotted E39 m5!
  230. Spotted: Bugzy's Dad!!!!!
  231. Red MKIV GTI
  232. reflex silver gti on pointsettia
  233. Spotted: Grey GTI on 56 east @ 4:40pm
  234. reflex silver
  235. blue s4
  236. Spotted Vorsteiner E39 M5
  237. r32 215n 235pm
  238. black gti 60east 930pm (i think)
  239. Red R32+Orange JTI in Irvine/HB
  240. Blacked out 20ae in Newpsies
  241. Silver A3 dumpted on HRE's in Rancho Bernardo
  242. Black M3 Convertible!
  243. Spotted Creanium in Poway
  244. Several nice vehicles(B6 A4, R32, E60 M5, MK2 GTI) *pics*
  245. Spotted (mobbin6) Edris' A6/his brother's M5/his house haha
  246. Who drives the White MKIV with SCE sticker...
  247. Gold A6 @ Aliso Creek
  248. I sawed a S4 in Hollywood
  249. Spotted: R8
  250. Blacked out A4 on Palomar