View Full Version : Blind couple battles pooper-scooper case

09-17-2004, 10:51 AM
Blind couple battles pooper-scooper case

September 17, 2004 (INDIO, Calif.) — Dennis and Shirley Bartlett hope justice isn't blind to their plight.

They are blind and are having a pooper-scooper battle with their Southern California homeowners' association. The Bartletts sometimes miss some of the poo left behind by their seeing-eye dogs.

Some neighbors have complained and the president of the Desert Grove homeowners' association had raised the issue with the couple.

Now, the Bartletts are suing, claiming they've been harassed. An attorney for the association says they hope to work out some sort of compromise.

The pooper-scooper case is set to be heard by a small claims judge next Wednesday.

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