View Full Version : MT.com launches new BBS

02-04-2005, 12:25 PM

As part of the contuning design/feature evolution at motortrend.com, today we rolled out an all-new bulletin board system. Inspired by user feedback, the new forums use the popular UBB platform, offering many more user features.

Login/password from the previous system will work.

The community is only as vibrant as its participants. Pls. take the time to register (if you have not already) and visit periodically. Even one post a month would go a long way to giving the forums personality. Staff involvement can make a big difference in the loyalty of users.

The forums can provide a great way to get feedback on published stories, develop story ideas, and stay on the pulse of the readership. The typical participant is an avid enthusiast, visiting at least every other day, and typically logging 20+ page views.