View Full Version : Hiking Sycamore Canyon anyone ?

08-16-2009, 05:23 PM
Any of you people want to spend a day hiking out at Sycamore Canyon this week? Probably park up at the North end where Sycamore Canyon Road ends and start out on Martha's Grove trail there at the staging area.

Not sure what day I am going - Schedule is pretty flexible, but want to spend a whole day out there in the blistering sun with the film camera. Suppose to be some old barns and stuff down at the bottom that should make good B&W photos.

You will want comfy shoes, at least a gallon of water, sunscreen & maybe a hat, food/snacks to keep you going for several hours.

If you want go, let me know what day is good for you and we can work it out.

Trail Map (http://goodanranch.org/map.html)

Goodan Ranch Sycamore Canyon Website (http://goodanranch.org/)