View Full Version : Perfect RH P 3.6 3-piece 18" Porsche wheels with adapters and tires. Must check them!

10-07-2005, 03:27 PM
RH 3-piece P 3.6 Porsche wheels in 5x130 --Freshly Polished--
(2) H&R 25mm 5x130-5x100 adapter/spacers
(2) H&R 30mm 5x130-5x100 adapter/spacers
(4) Toyo Proxes T1-s tires with even wear and about %50 tread left
All needed hardware to install

Asking Prices:
$1800 for the wheels alone
$2000 for wheels and Toyo Proxes 225/40/18 with %50+ tread left (7/32)
$2225 for wheels, tires mounted and balancedand adapter to fit these wheels on your 5x100 VW

What would this setup retail for?
From Matt at GMP Inc.
Wheels prt # RP368053052SP33700
18x8.0 5x130 ET52 P (3.6) 3pce. sil/pol. $879.00x4=$3516.00
Toyo Proxes T-1S 225/40/18 $150x4=$600
H&R 5x100-5x130 adapters Approx. $325
Total $4441.00 plus shipping and tire balance and mount.

What are the specs of the adapters?
They are built by H&R
They are 25mm and 30mm. The offset is perfect on an MK4. With the wider spacers out back, you get a bit of a staggered look, without having to run a wider wheel.

What are the specifications of these wheels?
Wheels are 18x8 all the way around. Offset is 52 on each wheel.
3-piece with silver centers

What vehicle will these wheels fit?
Fitment is proper for any Mk4 Volkswagen (Golf, Jetta, GTI, New Beetle, and more).
They would also fit MK3s and Audi TTs

What condition are the wheels in?
Excellent, Car Show worthy condition.
I just dropped $360 to have the lips re-polished. From RH they come with clear coat. I had them redone without it. For a few reasons. First, you can make them look super shiny with polish, with clearcoat in place, you can't do that.Second, if they are ever scratched you can use sandpaper to polish out any imperfections.
They have not been drivin on or had tires on them since re-polished.

And why are you selling, anyhow?
These were extra wheel I had on my GTI, it is officially for sale, so the wheels need to go.

Will you sell the adapters seperate?
No, they go with the wheels.

How much is shipping going to cost me?
Depends on where you live. Approx $25-30 per wheel and tire.
Shipped through Fedex Ground insured for the cost you pay.
Pickups welcome
I can meet within a few hundred miles of San Diego

My email is bzulka2@yahoo.com if you want to contact me that way.
Feel free to email me for more detailed pictures.

You will not be dissapointed with this setup in any way!


10-07-2005, 06:33 PM
bump for some sick a$$ wheels...damm i wish i had the money for these

10-07-2005, 07:08 PM
Sale Pending

That sure was fast!

10-10-2005, 01:03 PM
Still for sale.