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I now have a fresh 020 tranny ( Reverse finally works without grinding metal sound!!) ZF Sachs pressure plate, clutch, throw out bearing, 13 lbs. flywheel, and a new rear main seal. I would have never thought shifting would feel this great!! and this is without rebuilding the shift linkage. Just waiting for weather to clear up now to take care of the shift linkage.

I just wanted to post this and thank everyone that posted all the information regarding changing the 020 tranny. I would recommend this procedure be thoroughly researched before taking it on, this is definitely a PITA and not for the beginning mechanic. If anyone is thinking about taking this job on and has any questions feel free to PM me, I may have some useful info or tips. I want to try and pass on the help the same way I received it.

Thanks again SoCalEuro community. ]]>
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