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About Us

We were founded in 2002 as and Eventually formed at the end 2002. We have become the largest European Car enthusiast community in the Southern California region. Under belt is a host of large car gatherings. Starting with NorCal vs SoCal VW/Audi in 2003 hosted in San Luis Obispo, CA. Featuring over 300 vehicles. Followed by NorCal vs SoCal Euro in 2004 hosted at Earl Warren Fairgrounds in Santa Barbara, CA. Which bring us to the continued event called the Big SoCal Euro Gathering hosted each year. Currently hosted at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA. The last event hosted over 1700 vehicles. Our website allows members to talk about social and technical happens within the automotive community.

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To keep the forum from taking too long to load, we limit the signature image sizes to 600 pixel width and 100 pixels height and no larger than 30K in file size. Also please keep the number of lines under 10 lines in the signature. If you have a 100 pixel signature, please limit number of lines to 5. Moderators will private message you to kindly fix your signature with the appropriate sizes.

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