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good bookmarks
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Thread: good bookmarks

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    good bookmarks

    hey guys not sure where i got these but i was supposed to send these out to someone on here and figured others might enjoy the info as well

    http://www.Revotechnik.com ---------> best inexpensive part for the vw
    http://www.splitterz.co.uk --------> Stu started this club
    http://www.spookyvw.co.uk ---------> Club into VWs
    http://www.thesamba.com --------> Classifieds, clubs, events, archives, mostly vintage, forums.
    http://www.vdubaddiction.com ----------> forum for technical issues
    http://www.vintagebus.com --------> All sorts of info for your splitty bus, tech help, wiring diagrams, etc.
    http://www.volkszone.com/vzi -------> British chat forum
    http://www.vwforum.com ---------> Morderatored by one of our own My Space Peeps Rafael
    http://www.vwvortex.com ----------> Awesome forum page
    http://www.newdimensions.com (have all types of parts like kamei, hagus, neuspeed)
    http://www.neuspeed.com (obviously they have neuspeed stuff like plugs, swaybars, etc….)
    http://www.autolamps-online.com (HID upgrades)
    http://www.abdracing.com/ (products made by ABD, bonrath, wings west, zender, etc…)
    http://www.der-abt.de (a german site that offers the sweetest styling things)
    http://www.amimotorsports.com/ (very good site with reiger, caractere, dietrech, mattig, etc…)
    http://www.autostyle.co.za/index800.htm (the cheapest prices known to man, but they are in South Africa and don’t ship to US, good place to check out fellow Dubbers worldwide)
    http://www.autotech.com/ (products like zender, quaife and euro products)
    http://www.awe-tuning.com/ (have GIAC, H&R, brembo, etc….)
    http://www.awesome-gti.co.uk/ (stuff like bonrath, abt, caractere, and more, located in UK)
    http://www.bildon.com/ (all sorts of racing equipment, also have quaifes)
    http://www.cfimotorsports.com/ (Bonrath, brembo, eibach, caractere, brospeed and more)
    http://www.colour-tuning.de/ (have all sorts of products, are in Germany though)
    http://www.audituning.com/english/main.asp (a European site and carry products like JE Design)
    http://www.drschrick.de/ (German site, home for Schrick manifolds)
    http://www.dubtechnik.com/ (have nice products for suspension, wheels, and body styling)
    http://www.eiptuning.com/ (have turbo systems, transmissions, intakes and more)
    http://www.electrodyne.cc/ (have many products for everything)
    http://www.europartsinc.com/ (six speed transmissions, 1.8t engine parts)
    http://www.eurosportacc.com/ (have a lot of products but a bit pricey)
    http://www.eurospeed.ca/ (many products like blow-off valves, more stuff)
    http://www.eurosporttuning.com/ (basically only brakes, mostly for Volvos)
    http://www.evolutionsports.com/ (have everything, headlights, aerodynamics and at good prices)
    http://www.fknorthamerica.com/ (also have a lot of products for good prices)
    http://www.pgperformance.com/ (have good products and prices, headlights, body styling)
    http://www.freedomdesign.com/ (Kamei, also have their own line of products)
    http://www.futrellautowerks.com/ (they have many products and good prices for everything)
    http://www.hofeleusa.com/ (site for Hofele products, obviously, gives good pics)
    http://www.c1vw.com/ (very good Canadian site, have many products)
    http://www.hpamotorsport.com/ (have turbo kits for VW and brakes)
    http://www.achtuning.com/ (carry ABT, AMS, and many other parts)
    http://www.tracracing.com/ (has many different VW parts, Eibach)
    http://www.imperialmotorsport.com/ (have group buys and a few other things)
    http://www.importvision.com (not the best looking site but have really good prices)
    http://www.in-pro.de/ (German site for In.Pro headlights and products)
    http://www.schimmelperformance.com/ (they do custom work with intake tubes and other things)
    http://www.jms-fahrzeugteile.de (they have Golf IV parts, not sure if they have anything others)
    http://www.kraftswerk.com/ (have custom transmissions)
    http://www.landspeedusa.com/ (have various aftermarket parts)
    http://www.machvw.com/ (have all types of parts, too much to go through)
    http://www.matrixengineering.cc (have engine, brakes, suspension, transmission, etc…)
    http://www.midknightmotorsport.com (have many products, have to call for the pricing and products)
    http://moldynamics.com/ (have all Golf and Jetta MK3 and other parts)
    http://www.newdimensions.com/ (have many different products, take a look for yourself)
    http://www.ngpracing.com/ (have bonrath, hagus, kamei and other products)
    http://www.o-bars.com/ (have all sorts of suspension swaybars and stress bars)
    http://www.oettinger.com/ (VW styling products)
    http://www.overboost.com (have way too many things to list and no place to start)
    http://tuningzubehor.com (have many aftermarket parts for VW and other makes)
    http://www.performance-cafe.com/ (have many products and specials all the time)

    loving my new baby.. and yes it is ANOTHER white euro...

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    Re: good bookmarks

    http://www.ptuning.com (have products for VW and other makes)
    http://www.projektzwo.de/ (VW styling products and more, German site)
    http://www.rapidparts.com/ (everyone knows them)
    http://www.rieger-tuning.de/ (VW styling products and more, German site)
    http://www.rmrautosport.com/ (have all types of parts for VW and other makes)
    http://www.hellausa.com/ (VW lighting products and other things)
    http://www.rpi-equipped.com/ (have tons of products and good pricing)
    http://www.srsvw.com/ (have GIAC chips and suspension)
    http://www.caractere-automobile.be (Caractere styling products for VW)
    http://www.skperf.com/ (have some pretty nice aftermarket products)
    http://www.estrictlyforeign.com/ (many people don’t like them but they have good products, styling)
    http://swgmotorsport.com/ (UK site and have some pretty sweet products)
    http://www.tmtuning.com/ (really good products and prices for everything)
    https://www.techtonicstuning.com (exhaust systems and more)
    http://www.vagparts.com/ (random parts for VW makes)
    http://www.vf-engineering.com/ (supercharger kits and more)
    http://www.jshouseofeuro.com (good products and good prices)
    http://platinumeuroparts.safeshopper.com (can find random neon lights and some random parts)
    http://www.vwperformancenorth.com/ (have styling parts for VW models, kind of pricey)
    http://www.volksdraggin.com/ (have all sorts of performance parts, brakes, styling, wheels…..)
    http://www.1552design.com/ (again everyone knows this site, good products and prices)
    http://www.advancedmotorsport.com/ (good prices and products, browse away)
    http://www.altramotorsport.com/ (good prices and good specials)
    http://www.bbrsportsline.com/ (all sorts of classy styling products, ABT, Caractere, AC snitzer (for BMW)
    http://www.europeanspeedsport.com/ (Eibach, Neuspeed, PIAA, Borla, JOM, etc….)
    http://www.evolution-racing.com/ (many performance parts, not only for VW)
    http://www.gmpperformance.com/ (have various VW parts, mostly Mercedes though)
    http://www.hopefungautoparts.com/ (Brembo, Hella, Bosch, and more)
    http://www.momentummotor.com/ (some sweet products, and good prices)
    http://www.motronixmotorsports.com/ (lots of products, very pricey though)
    http://www.pes-tuning.com (all sorts of products, like exhaust, shifter, etc…)
    http://www.supremepowerparts.com/ (group buys a few other things)
    http://www.wrdusa.com/ (VW racing, rally and road racing products)
    http://www.fastvws.com (very good product and prices)
    http://www.evoms.com/ (brakes, intakes, superchargers, and more)
    http://www.zender.de/ (German styling company, very nice products)
    http://www.z-engineeringusa.com/ (Supercharger kits for VW cars)
    http://www.bahnbrenner.com/ (lighting, engine, styling, everything, very good site)
    http://turn2usa.com (motor mounts, intakes, pulleys)
    http://www.parts4vws.com (very popular sites, very good prices and products, have everything)
    http://www.jrswaterworks.net (have to call for products and prices)
    http://www.purems.com/ (all sorts of aftermarket products for VW and others)
    http://www.goapr.com/ (turbo kits for VW, Audi, Porsche and exhausts)
    http://www.ferodoracing.it/ (ferodo racing brake and brake kits)
    http://8vturbo.com/ (turbo parts and other performance parts)
    http://www.adrenalinmotorsport.com/ (various performance parts for VW)
    http://www.advancedclutch.com (clutch kits for VW and other makes)
    http://www.bonrath.de/ (Bonrath styling site, good pictures)
    http://www.dietrich-tuning.de (Awesome VW styling part, German site)
    http://www.mattig.de/ (Styling and Wheels for VW, German site)
    Volkswagen OEM Parts
    http://www.germanautoparts.com/ (a good place to get OEM parts, pretty good prices)
    http://www.ecstuning.com/ (have OEM parts and wheel spacers)
    http://www.futrellautowerks.com/ (they have many OEM products)
    http://www.gprparts.com/ (have the basic list of OEM parts, a good source)
    http://www.eurocullen.com/ (has euro parts and more, but I am not sure how to order, good pics though)
    http://www.vwparts.com/ (a good place to find OEM parts)
    http://www.1autobodyparts.com/ (has the best prices for some OEM parts)
    http://www.partscomponents.com/ (also has the best OEM part prices, cheap shipping too)
    http://catalog.thepartsbin.com/ (have most OEM parts for sale)
    http://www.volksparts.com (OEM parts, a selection but not too big)
    Things to Accessorize your VDUB with
    http://www.autotoys.com (amazing prices on everything like alarms, cd players, dvd players, sweet place to hook up your ride with tvs and such)
    http://www.americastire.com (good place to get tires and wheels from)
    http://www.avolkswagenpart.com/ (cool merchandise and stuff)
    http://www.autosportvolkswagenparts.com/ (kind of like the other OEM sites)
    http://www.edgeracing.com/ (have lots of wheels to pick from)
    http://www.europeanplates.com (have some pretty sweet euro license plates)
    http://www.tires-n-parts.com (obviously tires and wheels)
    http://drivergear.vw.com/ (suit yourself up in some gear from VW)
    http://www.eurowerks.net/ (euro license plates)
    http://www.shgraphics.com/ (euro license plates)
    http://www.germanplates.com (euro license plates)
    loving my new baby.. and yes it is ANOTHER white euro...

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    Re: good bookmarks

    alot of those i ggot in my favorites already...but somone make this a sticky!

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    Re: good bookmarks


    Don't spread my money, spread my work ethic.
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    Re: good bookmarks

    i remember there was a site that sold OEM color matched paint ready to go but i can't find it anymore, even searched all these links and googled too, what happened to it?!
    "cheese and crackers!"

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    Re: good bookmarks

    Quote Originally Posted by tpotp
    i remember there was a site that sold OEM color matched paint ready to go but i can't find it anymore, even searched all these links and googled too, what happened to it?!
    This one?

    Here is one for a wheel/tire comparison page:
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    Re: good bookmarks

    wow, you are awesome

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    Re: good bookmarks

    add em to www.vdubit.com!
    Custom European License Plates

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    Re: good bookmarks

    I was just cleaning up an old laptop and found the following gem for those people rockin the Mk1's and Mk2's...

    How to fix your odometer

    And remember, while you're in there change out the 3 cluster lights.

    - E
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    Re: good bookmarks


    http://www.europeanperformanceproducts.com - source for tons of great aftermarket and OEM+ stuff, really cheap or atleast the cheapest to get most stuff.

    http://www.1stvwparts.com/ - best source for OEM replacement parts, they have EVERYTHING.

    http://www.mjmautohaus.com - usually EPP has what these guys got, however, sometimes these guys have better pricing and always free shipping.

    http://www.germanfilters.com - best source for synthetic oil for all European cars, they sell Elf Excellium, the more you buy, the more you save. They also sell the cheapest air, fuel, and oil filters out there, again, buy more save more. Best place for Corrado owners atleast.

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    Re: good bookmarks

    that is a pretty good list of sites, NICE JOB!

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