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    SocalEuro Rules (Guidelines)

    We've been having a few issues lately with rules around here. The biggest issue is that no one seems to know what the rules are. They are generally unposted and only known by the people that have been around long enough to talk about them at the GTG.

    Anyway... here are the rules for your general discussion, trashing, etc.

    I actually prefer to think of these as guidelines because they aren't meant to be strictly enforced. That doesn't mean they are intended to be broken with impunity either though. We just need some boundaries because we all share this community.

    To help keep the forums running smoothly we ask that everyone follow a few simple guidelines.

    Don't Spam

    Running a business out of the classifieds, cross/multiple posting about the same thing, etc is all considered spam. If you keep posting the same thing, you are spamming. The classifieds are intended for personal use and official vendor use only.

    Keep It Clean

    Keep profanity out of subject lines and thread titles and keep it to a minimum everywhere else. Questionable content such as vulgar or sexual language, pictures, or videos must be in threads marked "NWF" indicating they are
    "Not Work Friendly". NWF material is not allowed in signatures, titles, or avatars. Pornography is always considered inappropriate.

    Respect Other Members

    We have a large and diverse community. Opinions differ. Discussions are encouraged but arguments are not. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

    Signatures, Avatars, Titles, and Profiles

    All Signature, Avatar, Title, and other user profile content must be "work friendly".

    Signature images must be no larger than 600 pixels wide by 100 pixels high total and must not exceed 30K in size. Signatures must contain no more than 10 lines of text.

    General Mischief and Tomfoolery

    Trolling, creating fake accounts, thread bombing, failure to search, etc is disruptive to the site. Please don't engage in these types of behavior.

    Inappropriate Topics

    The following topics are considering inappropriate and will result in locked threads:

    Street Racing
    Filesharing (Piracy)
    Criminal/Illegal Activity


    Mods and admins can issue infractions at their discretion. One infraction point is given for each infraction issued. Infraction points expire after 10 days unless another infraction point is received. 4 infraction points automatically results in account restrictions. 10 infraction points automatically results in a permanent ban from the site.

    Get Togethers (GTGs)

    Getting together and meeting face to face is an important part of our community but car friendly locations are hard to come by. Please help keep our GTG locations available by picking up your trash and by driving safely on the way to/from as well as in the vicinity of the GTG.
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