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    NASA 2009 SoCal Schedule is out!

    This year our schedule has changed a little, but for the good.
    Instead of one CA Speedway event on the Roval (no not just the infield section, the entire Roval!) we will return again in July and both of those events are 3 day events!

    Our schedule will put us at Willow Springs and at Buttonwillow like usual but we will take some time off in the heat of the summer in august and do our National Championship event at Miller Motorsport park in Utah in Spetember!

    So if you want to bring your car out to the track and have professional instruction in our HPDE program, heres the schedule and heres the web site to sign up.

    March 7/8- Willow Springs
    March 27th-29th- California Speedway
    April 25/26- Buttonwillow Raceway
    May 23/24- Willow Springs
    June 27/28- Buttonwillow Raceway
    July 31st-Aug 2nd- California Speedway
    Oct 10/11- Buttonwillow Raceway
    Nov 7/8- Buttonwillow Raceway

    *September 10th-13th- Miller Motorsports (National Championship)*

    More Detail here :

    If you have questions, ask me. Im not only a NASA instructor but im also the Performance Touring and Time Trial Co director in Socal.
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    Re: NASA 2009 SoCal Schedule is out!

    I'll probably make some of the Buttonwillow events. I really should do an event at Big Willow sometime as well since I've never been there, and I'd also really like to do an event at Miller Motorsports Park, even though it's hella far, since the track looks awesome.

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