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advice on parts/ engine swap for my '77 911s
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    advice on parts/ engine swap for my '77 911s

    ok so my grandpa gave me his 1977 911s for being first grandchild to go to college. it had been sitting for a hell of a long time before i got it however my grandpa said he some of the enigne rebuilt right before he stopped driving it due to it being too small and back problems. when i first got the car i got a few things fixed to make it runable with intnetions to make it my daily driver i fixed lot of the hoses and leakes and the gear box few others i cant remember off hand, however i ran out of money to continue, the next two things were the ignition key column ( i have to turn the key like 4 5 times to get it to catch and roll over ) and some part the shop bipassed so that the car could run but if the car was cold and i come to a stop it dies and continues to unless i rev or the engine was warm,. curious to ppls info if they have a good location for parts for this year car, or if it would b wise as i read around that if i looked for the SC engine and just swapped them out would that be the better route to get my childhood dream car running. please PM with any help much appreciated

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    Re: advice on parts/ engine swap for my '77 911s

    I don't know about your area as far as shops go man but call me sometime and I'll see if I can help at all!
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