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    Dealer service issues (MBSD) - need a new AMG shop

    I need some help finding a new shop. I've reached the end of the rope with MBSD. I've spent a TON on maintenance on my AMG at MB SD, but their service has gone downhill over the years. their mechanics are good, but the reps are not.

    Today was the final straw. I was chewed out for parking near the parts door (i had to drop off a battery core. I'm a small woman, i can't carry that sh*t) ... not only did they not ask why i was there before chewing me out, they actually made me carry the thing myself.

    If someone would have helped me, i could have moved the car, but because i had to carry it in i had to leave the car there. I returned to service reps yelling to move the car, and it created a pile on with the (now agitated and incited) customers. The service reps did nothing to calm their customers, just yelled at me again to "move the car" ... not to mention the only other car in the way was a rental they could have easily moved themselves.

    I was also due for a major service appointment at the same time, but I'm thinking about not continuing business there. I'm one of those people that does not cut corners and stays on top of everything, meaning I'm spending between $1000 to $8000 a year on service - and they've been servicing this car for 9 years.

    It's important that the service is done by expert techs ... can anyone recommend a shop qualified to work on this car - which actually gives a sh*t about treating customers with respect? It's important that they can run the VIN for parts b/c its a rare W219 030 package ... meaning some of the parts are different, fairly rare, and only available to dealers. This is the primary reason it is dealer serviced

    2006 Mercedes CLS55 AMG 030
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