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The Passport 9500 is superior to the V1 in detection, as well as having the GPS truelock. Once you lock all the falses out on your regular commute, if the thing goes off, you know its the real deal.


figured i would cite sources: RadarTest.com - Best radar detector reviews from the world's most respected authority.

X band is the only edge the V1 has, and that should only concern you if you are in New Jersey...

for laser detection I have the front/rear ZR4s, Laser Veil, and diffusing plate covers (for when there are plates on the car)
And someone else falls for the radartest.com shill site... do more research, especially regarding that site and Craig Peterson. Crap like this for example.

Also, buying a V1 from an unauthorized reseller might hurt your eligibility for Valentine's upgrade program.